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  1. Fill in your name and other details in the form.
  2. Add your photo - either use a saved one or by clicking one on the spot.
  3. Press ‘Register’ to sign up for the free trial.
  4. Wait for an email with instructions on how to punch in.

In case you have already registered, the URL to punch in on the browser is: https://smartfaceme.com/punch

Advantages of SmartFace Attendance Management

  • Proven and secure Microsoft Azure technology.
  • No need to replace your existing system. SmartFace can be interfaced with it.
  • A complete system on its own, in case you are planning to implement something new.
  • No need for any special hardware terminal. Employees can use their own smart phone.
  • Same system for staff working from home and from the office.
  • Has a powerful admin portal.
  • Specific customisation possible to suit your HR procedures.
  • Pricing options to suit every budget and organisation size.
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