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Replace existing systems such as fingerprint terminals, biometric systems or smart card readers with Facial Recognition technology! Eliminate physical contact, buddy punching, unexpected authentication errors and hardware cost overheads using SmartFace. Employees simply use their phones to Punch-In and Punch-Out for the day.

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Setting up a new attendance system?
SmartFace provides a comprehensive attendance management system with an Android and iOS mobile application for employee punch-in and punch-out, and a cloud-based portal for managing user activity.
Have an existing attendance system?
SmartFace will integrate seamlessly into your existing attendance system no matter how complex it is. This saves you time and money, while providing you full benefits of a high performance mobile and cloud-based system.


An intuitive application, accessible through a mobile phone or a tablet, is all that an employee needs to sign in and sign out, from home or the office


Flexible subscription-based pricing options to suit your business needs. No hidden fees. Simply pay per employee and use the service as much as you need


Face validation is done in a matter of seconds. The accuracy is always very high and this technology is not prone to wear and tear

Safe andSecure

Facial data is encrypted and stored in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud space, and can be used only for the purpose for which it is intended for

Get startedQuickly

Easy to setup and get started. Works as an independent application or as a module in your existing system


Databases are hosted on a cloud server providing secure access to all employees at all times. Receive real-time reports and automated alerts