What are the gaps at present?

Physical contact with the sensor is necessary to read a finger or a palm print. This means, for about 200 staff, a terminal would have been touched about 400 times in a day. Long nails, stains, broken skin, injuries, worn out finger prints, could all become a problem. It is a serious concern about hygiene and health, especially under the present circumstances.
Research has found that buddy punching costs US employers more than $373 million each year. Buddy punching is time theft. As a business owner, that is time you are paying for. What if a card falls in the wrong hands? It could pose a security risk.
Biometric terminals and card readers have high fixed costs and require support & maintenance. Fixed infrastructure forces you to comply with existing standards and leads to vendor lock-in. Biometric data is generally decentralized and not easily accessible between locations. Additionally, lost smart cards add to the cost overheads.
As a biometric terminal or scanner undergo numerous physical contacts each day, their effectiveness gradually decreases due to wear and tear. Multiple attempts may be required before an attendance is recorded. Labor attendance is prone to errors due to worn out finger prints especially for those working under harsh conditions.
With limited number of biometric terminals or smart card readers, a queue hold-up is certain in the mornings and evenings. This could cause delays and consequent productivity loss
Tele-working has become the new mantra. In an office, some may work from home and some may come to office depending on the circumstances. Attendance tracking can therefore suffer.

Face recognition fills the gap

Deploy Facial Recognition Software and move ahead with the times. Facial recognition techniques have come a long way in terms of performance and affordability and are an answer to the limitations of the conventional systems.

For an MNC aligned with modern technology, Facial Recognition is the best step forward.
Accurate count of labour employed at various project sites is now possible with Facial Recognition, for a large construction company spread across the country.
The pharmaceutical company where hygiene is of utmost importance, replacing the present Palm Print terminals with Facial Recognition, is the right step.
Some may work from home and some from office. Facial Recognition is the easy way to track the attendance irrespective of where the staff is working from.
Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services ecosystem has now made it affordable to build facial recognition software, which is safe, secure and accurate.
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Innovatus Systems offers SmartFace, the complete attendance management system that uses proven and secure Microsoft Azure technology for facial recognistion. It is the Facial Recognition software with which an employee can Punch-In or Punch-Out for the day from the convenience of their own smart phone.

SmartFace works on its own or in sync with your present attendance system. The whole process is quick, intuitive, accurate and secure. It also captures the location details. Cloud based, 24x7 - SmartFace can be made to go live in double quick time, as no hardware is involved.

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Why SmartFace?

There is no physical contact with any hardware devices. All you need is a mobile phone or a cost-effective tablet and your face! No terminals, no scanners and not even smart cards. There is no question of buddy punching or queue hold-ups! Work from home, office or even a coffee shop - SmartFace is enough!
Pay only a nominal monthly subscription fees on a per employee basis. No limits on the number of transactions. Such a SaaS model makes it viable for companies big, medium and small.
Validating a face is done in a matter of seconds. The accuracy is always very high. And this technology is not prone to wear and tear.
Facial data is encrypted and stored in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud space, and can be used only for the purpose for which it is intended for. SmartFace is built around the proven and highly secure Microsoft Cognitive Services development kit. The attendance data is kept separate in your own secure cloud space.
Easy to setup and start. Works on its own or can be linked to your present HR system, without undue effort. A stage by stage implementation is possible without affecting any existing systems.
Employee database is hosted on a secure cloud server, providing 24x7 availability from anywhere. Data administration is via a powerful admin module. Real-time reporting and visually stunning charts for the management along with automated emails and alerts, makes it a complete system, yet simple to learn and operate.

Wait! There is more to SmartFace!

  • Can be used for corporate announcements
  • Display employee specific messages at the time of punch in
  • Also captures employees’ emotional feelings - that can be used for scientific study of work culture
  • Works even in low light conditions
  • Logs the location where the punch in occurs
  • Face data is centralized, thus easing employee movements between multiple locations
  • Can also be extended for Visitor Management

Comparison of the three technologies

Facial Recognition Biometric Smart Cards
Cost of ownership $-Less $$ - Medium $$$ - High
Compatibility Works on any tab or smart phone Terminals mismatch can cause problems Readers mismatch can cause problems
Accessibility Cloud, 24x7, Location independent Location dependent Location dependent
Performance Accurate, fast Can deteriorate over time Can deteriorate over time
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