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Medical Product Laboratories, Inc.
Due to the recent pandemic, MPL was unable to use its legacy biometric system (Fingerprint).
Our employees find the app easy to use and user friendly. The payroll personnel are happy with the reporting capabilities.
It has geofencing capabilities which allows the employees to only register their time when they are physically in the office buildings.
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Anuswarya Enterprises
The punch date and time is accurate.
It specifies the exact location (Employees visiting sites confirm their presence there with time).
Easy to use with their existing smartphone.
The application is simple, easy to handle, user friendly, cost-cutting.
Reduces management's work of taking care of the attendance.
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Green Black Enterprises
They had come out with the solution for attendance system without any hardware/ software integration/ much of investment.
We had manual entry system for our attendance... its authenticity is totally dependent on our employees... Earlier few employees update on-time arrival in sms before even arriving to the work place, but this system sealed those loop holes.
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animon infotech solutions
We could not have found an easier method to get started... there was no installation or hardware purchases.
The geo-location and fencing capabilities of SmartFaceMe restrict the staff to mark attendence only in designated locations.